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Star Dust - First Contact
Book # 1 of the Shimuran Legacy

TOP PICK: "O'Bannon delivers an incredible story with staying power. It's exquisitely sensual, futuristic and reflective. If you have any interest in space exploration, change and growth for the better of mankind or the power of love, this book is a must-read."
Reviewed by Tee C. Royal for Romantic Times; See the full review here.

5 BLUE RIBBONS "STAR DUST is a refreshing and breathtaking trip into a possible future for Earth. Zara and David are wonderful lead characters that overcome impossible odds to find a love that transcends space and vast distances. The details and descriptions in the book were so life-like and real that I felt like I was in space with Zara and David and was experiencing the story first hand..."
Reviewed by Char, for Romance Junkies; see the full review.

5 BEACONS "This is an excellent story that brings out so many actual issues. Trust, friendship, love, deceit, prejudice and faith are all dealt with. The characters are very well-developed and share feelings and thoughts the reader can easily relate to."
Reviewed by Ramona, Lighthouse Literary Reviews.

5 STARS "It's sexy, futuristic, reflective, and if you have any interest at all in sci-fi, space exploration, I'm telling you: You have GOT to read this book! I joined the Air Force because of my fascination with space (amongst other things) and even once dreamed of being an astronaut, but since I didn't continue in that area, this book is as close as I'll ever get, other than the simulators I've had an opportunity to "play" in." Tee C. Royal Founder, RAWSISTAZ Literary Group

5 STARS "Brilliantly written with a plethora of action and romance, Stardust is destined for your keeper shelf. Many thanks to Ann O'Bannon for gifting us with such a fine work." Reviewed by Debby Guyette, for

5 STARS "From its gripping start to the gratifying finish, STAR DUST sweeps you to a universe of adventure and promise."
Nancy Cane, Award-Winning Author of STARLIGHT CHILD

4.5 MAI's "STAR DUST places you on an alien ship and actually makes you feel as if you're right beside David. It had a lot of SF details on space travel that seemed as if the technology existed. The novel took a lot of thought and research. It reinforced a common belief that an entire civilization may be judged by the actions of a few. That our history and fear would make us shoot first and then ask questions when confronted with an alien face-to-face. There's always that element of distrust."
Denise Fleischer,

4 STARS "You must read this story. One thing is for certain, you will never get bored. An excellent debut for author Ann O'Bannon. I look forward to the next book in this series." Reviewed by Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews; see more here.

4 FLOWERS "This is a wonderful first attempt by an author who has a bright, shining future, in this galaxy or any other! Ann's imagination is so vivid that the reader is left with not having to figure anything out. Everything is painted, in words for the reader's mind. Her characters are full of life and very believable. The story concept is fresh and fun." Reviewed by Debbie, A Romance Review.